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Like contracting a disease, no one wants to think about being arrested. The truth is, however, at some point in most peopleís lives, either they or someone they know and love will be accused of a crime. The experience usually comes fast and furious with a crash landing into a strange new world full of terrifying events and confusing terminology.

Bill and Susan Johnston, married law partners, start working the moment they learn that their clients are in trouble. Their clients include doctors, executives, athletes, homemakers, teachers, policemen- all professions imaginable. Bill, the former federal and state prosecutor, and Susan, the former state prosecutor and appellate briefing attorney, provide a unique combination with different perspectives as they approach the best strategy in each case. Together, they have tried over 250 jury trials. Their success rate is very high, but they pride themselves mostly on their ability to evaluate a case and move toward the appropriate resolution with justice in mind- both for their clients and society.

"We have been on every side of the system and can really relate to our clients on many levels," Says Bill. "Our goal is to help people face the criminal justice system with all of the tools that are available and give them the best representation possible."

Because of their experience and Susanís board certification by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in criminal law, over half of their cases are criminal defense. They also handle serious civil cases involving wrongful death or injury. "We try not to take too much of the work home," Says Susan. "Itís working so far, and our clients seem to really appreciate us as a team. We understand the sensitivity and the seriousness needed, but we also like to help people put life in perspective and see the hope that exists in every situation."
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